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Have you been seeing a lot of spiders in and around your home? We will get rid of them as well as all of the other little creepy crawlers that they feed on inside your home.  We will also place a barrier outside to keep them all from coming back in.

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Spider Removal: Black Widow

Black widow are somewhat timid, they are usually found by accident when someone reaches into secluded areas or pulls on rarely used clothing.  If you happen to be working in construction or maintenance or any other field that may require you to lift boards, firewood, or reach into storage boxes it is recommended that you wear gloves in order to prevent being bitten by a hidden ones. Also, be sure to check any clothing that has been lying around in a garage, shed, or truck before putting it on as they may have taken up residence within it.

Miami, Florida is home to three widow spider species and they are:

Southern Black Widow: Most common of the native widow type. It is the representation of the classic widow, occurring in every normal widow habitat. It’s glossy jet black body and legs are very distinctive as is the noticeable red hourglass marking on the abdomen’s underside. If you’re close enough you can also observe a red spot that is located directly behind and above the spinnerets.

Northern Black Widow: Very similar to the classic black widow, the Norther Black widow but has two markings in a triangle shape (broken hourglass) rather than a ‘complete’ hourglass marking and has red spots running in a row down its back. You will find a web that belongs to this particular widow at the very end of a low tree branch and will be an unsightly, tangled web.

spiders in Miami

Brown Widow Spiders in Miami can pose a great risk to those with weakened immune systems.

Brown Widow: The brown widow is not always brown, like the name would suggest. It can be white or almost black or in between. However, the most common coloring is a slight brown with an orange hourglass instead of red. The legs are banded and vary in color between light and dark with white spots in a row along its back and a few stripes on either side of it.

If you were to come across a brown widow that had a darker coloring you likely wouldn’t be able to distinguish the type of  so easily in comparison to a black widow.

Pest Control: Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse is another dangerous one found in the area.  As it’s name implies, it is usually brown, though the color may vary.  In addition it has a dark violin-shaped mark that has lended to it being nicknamed the fiddleback. The brown recluse will often hide out in the secluded areas of your garage or basement. Like the black widow, the brown recluse generally will not bite humans unless it feels threatened. This is why it’s important to always wear gloves when reaching somewhere that you cannot see.

For more information on Black Widows, Brown Recluses and others, please check out the Florida Department of State Health Services website here.

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